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TempsPLUS relentlessly strives to learn as much as possible about your organization’s corporate culture, PLUS the position’s qualifications & detailed competencies. 

TempsPLUS has created an extensive network of the best and most qualified professionals.  We recruit, screen, conduct interviews and background checks to produce smart staffing solutions that successfully support your business processes, PLUS your company goals.


We understand the right person for your position must have the qualifications and soft skills to complete, PLUS produce profitable results. 

TempsPLUS works,
so you are better able
to do your job!

Working with you!  PLUS, for you!

TempsPLUS Staffing Services, Inc.

1410 East Capitol Drive 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

Tel: 414-964-2900

7017 West Greenfield Avenue

West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Tel: 414-475-7300

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